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IT or not IT... that's the question

Today, while we more and more depend on IT gadgets, connectivity demand is growing constantly...

Smartphones, tablets and net/notebooks are always at our side, we share our information, our secrets...

Always smaller and powerfull, always more user-friendly and sadly totally out of our control, we keep using them to read the news, to ear music, to do e-banking and e-shopping, to place bids an offers for our customers, to find information troughout the web...

We depend on them completely, more or less conspicuous appearances in the theatre of this globalized life, controlled who knows by whom, encrypted and decrypted...

We, who are old of this witchcraft, while doing our part on the same stage, do not recite the script by memory, we prefer to understand, every single sentence, and if possible, change something here and there without disturbing the Director, without confusing the protagonists, cautious, but present and curious ...

We are constantly updating, documenting, testing and creating, and if the target is too far away, we adjust the sight and shoot further...

This young science is shifting, joins disciplines and cultures, it's up to us to understand its scope, its advantages and dangers, it is for us to dare and to dole out, because since ancient times humans have used and created instruments, and with genius have changed the course of history...

Like the old salty dogs in search of new sea lanes, we are now navigating the net, a vast ocean of easily clickable info, sad is not having enough time to learn them all!