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Dynamic Solutions

We believe what we see!

The above image is static, motionless, yet it seems to rotate, some see it rotate to the right, others to the left. Take a look again at the top of the page.

What does this teach us? That not always what we see is true. Despite this awareness almost all the experiences of our life are related to visual memories, a visited place, a known person, a listened music ... and so the brand of a product, the title of a book, all brings us back to an 'imprint' into the memory.

This explains why it is SO important to choose the type of image that represents us.

Beauty and harmony have no boundaries, nor do they create conflicts of culture or religion, they are universal. The WEB is universal, we do not know who will visit our space and will see our content, so to meet the favor of everyone is for us to create beautiful and functional harmonies.

Choosing the colors, the size of the images, the type of character, the pattern by which we can find information, all contribute to creating an environment where our visitors feel welcomed.

Whether it's selling a product or service, or sharing information or a resource, there are a few points we need to focus on:

  • Who do we turn to?
  • Do we want to interact with visitors?
  • What are we expecting to happen?
  • How do we think we can act?

A web space is something different from leaving your business card to someone, it's more like writing a book without knowing who will read it. And whoever reads will judge the book first and then its author.

Investing in building a website is a strategic choice, you have to understand the meaning and reach. Once we open the door we can not know who will enter, and you have to be ready to welcome anyone. The key to get good results is to provide in advance the tools you need to respond to each event.

Will we stay in our borders? Then only one language will suffice. Do we want to propose to the European market or become a citizen of the world? Then they will serve at least 3 or 4, and maybe more.

It is not indispensable to start with heavy luggage, but it is crucial to do so by quickly implementing systems that are easy to integrate.

If you want to make a showcase rather than activating an online shop, it is imperative to consider that the internet is a platform more than ever used in mobility. So the content you have to fit should be able to be properly displayed on a wide range of devices: smartphones, tablets, personal computers and even smartTVs. Different navigation platforms require different data presentation models. Dynamism is mandatory.

No matter whether you are using a public domain portal or a dedicated platform, complexity in development is intrinsic and inevitable, if you want to reach as many users as possible. Adequate investment in propaganda is also a factor not to be underestimated. You could produce the best product or offer the best service but if no one knows ... how would you sell them? Admitting that you actually want to sell something. The most successful web sites cost more in advertising than in their own realization, and advertising causes proportional economic returns, is statistically certain.

Search engine rankings, debugging of content, choice of platforms based on the real needs of the production processes, integration with the pre-existing management systems... All these areas of attention are to be considered before proceeding with real development.

Thirty years of direct field experience are at your disposal to evaluate how, when and why to invest in the network. Contact us, thank you.

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