The Internet of Things is a possible (and very presumable) evolution of the use of the Net: Objects (the "things") become recognizable and acquire intelligence by being able to communicate data and access information resident on other devices. Alarm clocks sound earlier case of traffic, the sneakers transmit time, speed and distance to race in real time with people from across the globe, medicine packages alert family members if they forget to take the drug. All objects can acquire an active role by linking to the Network.

For "thing" or "object" we mean more precisely categories such as: devices, equipment, plants and systems, material and tangible products, works and goods, machines and tools.

The Internet of things' goal is to make the electronic world a map of the real one, giving a digital identity to things and places in the physical environment. Objects and Labeling Stations Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or QR Codes communicate network information to remote devices such as PCs and mobile phones.

Fields of applicability are many: from industrial applications (production processes) to logistics and inflexibility, to energy efficiency, remote assistance and personal health and environmental protection.

The internet of things tends to evolve very quickly, the global market offers a wide range of pre-packaged products for every need, but it also allows a profound and lively experimentation. The proliferation of a vast array of microcontroller-based cards coupled with the limited skills required to launch the first steps in this field have allowed the growth of a gigantic and generous community of people, exchanging information and projects to create a 'Huge amount of tools and solutions'.

The ease of use and the extremely low costs also favor the spread in some industrial processes, where these microcircuits overlap and / or replace traditional, economically more expensive solutions, doing their work flawlessly.

Curiosity has taken over us and of course we have experimented with all the most popular platforms dedicated to IoT, from Arduino to Raspberry PI in their various forms, and beyond, for even more targeted vertical solutions.