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The Internet

What is the Internet? ... a global interconnection of systems through which you can distribute data, services and information.

A simple and minimalist definition of a very complex reality, the result of a project originally ingeniously illuminated, a clever and forward-looking idea that has brought mankind into a new era.

Of course its creators could not imagine the dimensions and speed with which their project developed, just as we can not predict today how an always connected world will be in 20 or 30 years.

What we can do is analyze the story and try to imagine a merely near-future.

The speed and spread of the network are growing steadily, and with them are changing the modalities we have to observe to be part of it.

What are the tools we use to deal with changes every day? There are many and different, some specifically depending on the profession or the place where we live, others are more universally shared, we believe that above all others there is a fundamental tool, the availability of which offers the best opportunities for success and survival: the ability to adapt.

In IT, we have dealt with and superceeded dozens of operating systems, development languages, data storage technologies, security and integrity systems. Nothing seems to survive long in this field.

Some systems and products have endured longer than others, however, it seems systematic that as soon as a platform gets consolidated, it must suddenly change, to fit to new technology standards or more simply to keep the market alive, with users and companies forced constantly in renovating their hardware and software park.

It is therefore strategically imperative to identify those solutions that propose a longer life span to reduce costs and improve the base of related skills and knowledge.

One of the underlying problems of digital evolution is that in some cases the products are "upgraded" but in others they "evolve". Evolution involves generational mutations that sometimes force the industry to make substantive changes to applications and processes, due to the loss of competitiveness with new spreading technologies or worse, still undergoing a functional compatibility crisis.

Even in this case, as far as possible, the secret lies in building solutions that are quickly adaptable, dynamic and structurally simple.

There are some who say that we will soon be out of the energy that comes from fossil fuels. Not because we're going to run out of oil, but because it is mandatory to stop the pollution process that the industrial age has triggered.

An anecdote says that the age of stone didn't pass for lack of stones.

So, inevitably, in a global and digital world, many things will be subject to radical transformations, it will be interesting to take part of this, and to adapt.

Currently, we write for HTML5 and we use CSS, PHP, Python, C ++, Java, Perl, Ruby, Javascript, MySQL, Apache, and IIS ... Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento,  and we create templates, plugins, apps, modules... Just currently ...

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